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Mac version 10.7 or Higher
Windows Vista, 7, or 8 ×

Works with Mac or Windows

This is the standalone desktop application that will keep track of your flight hours for multiple Army Airframes. The Flight Logbook is very similar to the it’s sister application that is on the web. This one is designed more for the individual.

This program will

  • Track Flight Hours
  • Track Sim Hours
  • Display Currency Information
  • SemiAnnual Tracking
  • Track Your Training

  • ArmyFlightLogbook
  • ArmyFlightLogbook

Key Featuress

Career Summary
The Career Summary page is great when it comes to finding out what hours you have flown and in what mode/role. Several options to choose from based on airframe, mode, model.

Semi Annual Tab
Actually calculate the number of hours remaining per flight mode that you are required. If your airframe has a simulator requirement it will track that as well.

Aircraft Logbook and Simulator Logbook
We have split up the logging into two separate tabs (Aircraft & Simulator) for easy logging.

Track Training
Every time you log a flight or simulator strip you can actually checkmark some of the training that you have completed. You can also add remarks to help jog your memory on what you actually did.