Spelling Helper | $1.99

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This program was designed to assist those in creating a Randomized Quiz with Answer Key.

# You Build the Spelling word and Sentence Structure Database

Enter the database spelling words & sentences. You can have multiple categories too!

#Ready to Randomize
A simple walk thru approach to generating your spelling test.

#Uses your own built in computer voice to give the spelling test to you.

Multiplication Tables | $1.99

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This program was designed to assist those learning their Multiplication Tables. There are two modes to work with in this application. Great application for kids trying to learn for school or for those that are home schooled.

  • Multiplication Tables
  • $4.99
  • Two Modes of Learning
  • Mac Only
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Quizinator | $9.99


This would be ideal for teachers wanting to give out random tests or even college students to give a quiz to themselves.

You create database and let Quizinator generate the test/quiz.

  • Quizinator
  • $9.99
  • Great for Teachers or College Students
  • Mac Only
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