SVG Library
Mac version 10.7 or Higher
Windows Vista, 7, or 8 ×

Works with Mac or Windows

Do you need to take your SVG Library on the go? This will work on a USB Thumbdrive.

This program will

  • Read The Backups created from SVG Library
  • Search your database just like in SVG Library
  • Export the SVG you need

  • My Image
  • My Image

About the Library Assistant

Keep in mind that this program is a Read Only program. This program will help those fill the void with creating a library database on one computer and taking it to another. If you don't have SVG Library this program won't be useful to you unless someone shares their database with you. doesn't not support the sharing of files or patterns. The program wasn't designed for those purposes and we feel that users of the program will do the right thing.

Download the Free Sample Pack

To help you get started with the SVG Library program, we're including a sample of SVGs from the ScrappyDew Vault Members Area, Mojo Monday card sketch cutting files and a set of ten Nested Mats.

The sample database contains two folders, a ScrappyDew Creations and MichelleMyBelle folder. The ScrappyDew folder includes SVGs from the ScrappyDew Vault and the MichelleMyBelle folder contains Mojo Monday and Nested Mat SVGs. We hope you enjoy this selection of SVGs.