Spelling Helper: the Spelling program that talks!

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You can choose to randomly shuffle the spelling test. Use the practice helper mode to fine tune the study process.

The computer will read the word to you and you spell it.

"The word you have to spell is Fox. A fox lives in the forest. Fox"

Need the word again? Click the repeat word button!
Three Modes of Test
  • Practice Test
  • Computer Test (with Score)
  • Paper Version
This program was designed to assist those in creating a Randomized Quiz with Answer Key.

# You Build the Spelling word and Sentence Structure Database

Enter the database spelling words & sentences. You can have multiple categories too!

#Ready to Randomize
A simple walk thru approach to generating your spelling test.

#Uses your own built in computer voice to give the spelling test to you.

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Video Overview

Play the video to give you an example on how this program works to include: Adding word sets, Speaking Text, & Taking Practice/Test.