Registering the SVG Library

  • After you purchase the SVG Library you are given an Access Key code. You will need this key in order to complete the registration.

  • Backing up your library database is very important. Sometimes databases get corrupt and it's always a good idea to create a backup.


  • The toolbar is at the top of the window accompanied with beautiful icons. They are used to toggle inbetween views and to help you complete common tasks.

Import View

  • A short description of what you would see on the import view and the function.

  • There's two ways to import your folder into the program. Either method will only accept folders. SVG Library will search every folder within a folder for a SVG file. The larger the file structure the longer this program will take to find it. It is not recommended to drop the entire C: drive into this program.

  • When ever you select a file from the SVG File List you will see a preview of the SVG.

  • So you have successfully imported a folder full of SVG's into the program and you would like to add them to the queue. By adding them to the queue

  • Removing files from the import queue list is really easy. Simply highlight the file of interest and and click the remove from import list button.

  • As your library grows it's always good to check for duplicates prior to adding them to your official library. When it checks for duplicates it NOT checking for a file named the same. It is actually comparing your SVG code to see if it is already in your library.

Library View

  • The library view is where you can see everything that is in your SVG Library. This chapter will go over the various sections of Library View.

  • Folders are a great way to organize your files. You can navigate though the folders by expanding them. There are also common task menu that you can use in order to assist you with your SVG Library.

  • In version 1.3.2 we have added the Tag List View. You will be able to display a list of all tagged keywords you have used in your library. So you can click on the tag and your library list will populate with the svgs that are associated with that Tag.

  • The library list is there to show you the files that you have added to your database.

  • Without tagging your files you have the ability to search by name. However, tagging is probably the best option when you use the search (assuming that you have tagged them correctly).

  • You must use the enable multiple selection checked to give you the ability to multiple select items in your library.

  • The beauty of the SVG Library is that you can store, search, and export. And exporting can't be simpler in this program.

  • Sometimes with the white background that you see in the preview will hide some of the shapes in the svg file making it appear to be blank.

Edit Window

  • There are several ways to get the edit window to appear. The first thing you need to make sure you do is have the Enable Multiple Selections unchecked.

  • In order to use the edit window, you'll want to make sure that you have enable multiple selection checkbox unchecked. That will allow you to edit single projects where you can update Project Names, Tag individually projects, and update the actual SVG file itself.

  • To rename your SVG Project you can update this via the edit window. If you need to know how to open the "Edit Window" you can go to that lesson.

  • You'll want to add tags to your files. This will cover how to add them to individual files. What is great about the edit window is the small preview of the SVG that you see to assist you in tagging. If you need to know how to open the "Edit Window" you can go to that lesson

  • Sometimes you'll make a spelling mistake in your tags and it's really easy to delete them. If you need to know how to open the "Edit Window" you can go to that lesson.

  • From time to time the exported SVG that you had in your library needs to be updated after you edit it in your favorite cutting program. If you need to know how to open the "Edit Window" you can go to that lesson.

Multiple Tagging Window

  • Possible uses for multiple tags would be to create a category tag or tag it with a designers name for future searches.

Image Export Window

  • There are two views with the export window layout. Sometimes you'll need to tweak the SVG settings.

  • You'll need to select an item from the Library List in order to have the Export PNG button to become active.

  • The Image Viewer window is actually resizable. So why resize the window?

  • Sometimes your SVG's are small and SVG Library may be able to help by using the Max Width feature. However, this depends on how your SVG files was created.

  • This is currently in the beta phase so use at your own risk. It is basically altering the viewbox that is hardcoded in your SVG file.


Common Tagging Window

Library Assistant