Works with Mac or Windows

"I found SVGs that I forgot I had!" Susan Uncle - SVG Viewer User

  • Does this search folders within folders?

    Yes you will be able to drop and drag an entire directory into the viewer and once it comes to a folder it will search inside that folder. Then it will go back to the directory above to look for more SVGs

  • Apple computers can preview SVGs already why do I need this program?

    You are correct that Apple computers will preview automatically but this program will search deep within a directory thus making it faster. If you didn't have this program you would have to open each folder manually trying to find the file you are looking for.

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SVG Previewer

The SVG Previewer window allows you to either use a Drop and Drag method of getting your folder into the program or by using the import button.

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Drop and Drag Folder

Drop and Drag is the easiest way to get your SVG Viewer showing you your SVGs. Once the drop is complete it will search the entire directory for SVG files.

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Click the SVG and Get a Preview

Once you have imported a directory you can then select the SVG from the list on the left and a scaled version of the SVG will be present in the preview window.

So you find a SVG you want to use? Simply click the "View SVG in Folder" button to auto open the containing folder with the SVG file selected.

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Export SVG as a PNG

Click the Save PNG and it will save a photo thumbnail of the SVG in the directory that the SVG is currently located in. This will give you a quick reference the next time you're visiting that folder and wonder what that SVG looks like.

HTML Shareable Export

SVG Viewer will create an HTML file where you can upload to your website or dropbox account and share the URL. With this URL people can actually download the SVGs!