Scrap Factory | SVG Doll Builder Mac & Windows $30

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What's in included with purchase?
2 x Body Styles
8 x Boy Hair Styles
8 x Girl Hair Styles
8 x Boy Outfits
8 x Girl Outfits
This program was designed to easily create some customizable paper piecing dolls. It's as simple as...

  • Choosing a Body Style
  • Choosing a Hair Style
  • Choosing a Outfit

Additional Expansion Packs for Scrap Factory

  • Bedtime

  • Fairies

  • Brick People

  • Sports

  • Divas

  • Seasons

  • Graduation

  • Fruity Divas

  • Community

  • Thanksgiving

  • Winter

  • Christmas Jammies

  • Royals

SVG Viewer Utility Mac & Windows $8

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Works with Mac or Windows

This program will search the directory that you specify for SVG's and display them for you to see.

- View SVG In Folder
- Export Photo Preview as PNG

SVG Viewer will export your preview as a PNG. It names it exactly how the SVG appears so when you go to the folder and sort alphabetically it will appear right next to your SVG.

Export PNG's of your SVG's

My Image

SVG Library Mac & Windows $25

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Works with Mac or Windows

Organize your SVGs! All of your SVGs that you place in the library can tagged for easy searching.

No more hunting for those SVGs and when you find it... Simply export the SVG

Start Tagging Your SVGs

The more you tag the easier it will be to find the SVG you need.

Army Online Flight Logbook

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Safe and Secure
Your information stays safe and secure. Log in via email and password

Made for All Web Devices
As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to access the Flight Logbook.

Works with all Major Browsers
Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari, Android.

Spelling Helper $4.99 for Mac & Windows

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You can choose to randomly shuffle the spelling test. Use the practice helper mode to fine tune the study process.

The computer will read the word to you and you spell it.

"The word you have to spell is Fox. A fox lives in the forest. Fox"

Need the word again? Click the repeat word button!
Three Modes of Test
  • Practice Test
  • Computer Test (with Score)
  • Paper Version
This program was designed to assist those in creating a Randomized Quiz with Answer Key.

# You Build the Spelling word and Sentence Structure Database

Enter the database spelling words & sentences. You can have multiple categories too!

#Ready to Randomize
A simple walk thru approach to generating your spelling test.

#Uses your own built in computer voice to give the spelling test to you.

Multiplicaiton Tables $4.99 for Mac

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This program was designed to assist those learning their Multiplication Tables. There are two modes to work with in this application

#Homework Helper Mode
Great for those trying to learn how to use the table to solve the math question.
You supply the product values and the row and column will auto highlight the answer.
# Quiz Mode
You can specify which tables you would like to focus on.
Numbers will be randomly generated & answers will turn green if it is correct.
You can choose to skip that question and get a new random question.

ScrappyList Free

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This program was designed to show users what items they have previous purchased.
  • Create a Wishlist for future pattern purchase.
  • Assign and open the folder that has the pattern in it.

Quizinator $9.99 for Mac

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This program was designed to assist teachers or students make a quiz or test
You create the database of questions and you are able to randomize the test to help you with your studies.