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Video Overview of Scrap Factory

Play the video to give you an example on the possibilities of the program from a user's and designer's point of view.

Importing SVG into Cricut Design Space

Great news for Cricut Explore people as they are now allowing you to use SVG's with your Cricut. Play the video to give you an example on how to import this in the new Cricut Explore Program.

Scrap Factory color codes the files so the Explore program will auto layout based on color for you.


  • Can I use this program offline?
    No...The program requires an online connection. The reason is all photos and svg code is stored in our online database so we're not taking up precious disk space on your computer. This also allows us to edit photos and svg code if needed in order to correct the error without you downloading an update.
  • I want to use this with a Mac and a Windows Computer do I have to buy 2 registration codes?
    No... You only need to purchase one registration code that will work on both your Mac and your Windows based computers.
  • Can I sell the dolls I create from the ScrapFactory?
    With the Basic/Standard set that you get with your purchase of the program you may sell completed pieced together dolls (not individual pieces). However you can not sell or share any of the digital format of SVG or altered version of the SVG exported. If someone would like the SVG created they can purchase their own copy of ScrapFactory and if you're an affiliate you can make money on the sale as well.

    Expansion Pack Doll Sets:
    Now with the expansion pack doll sets you purchase you will have to check with the vender themselves as they will have their own terms of use per set you purchase.

    With the Brick People Expansion Pack you are authorized to sell completed pieces.